Skype Session with Dairy Carrie

Last week in my Public Relations in Agriculture class we had the opportunity to meet Dairy Carrie through Skype. I have never participated in a Skype webcam conversation before so I was unsure how well it would work. I thought it was very neat that we were in Missouri and she was all the way up in Wisconsin. Even through Skype I could tell what kind of person Carrie was like and what a wonderful, fun personality she had. Carrie is a big part of the agriculture industry. Surprisingly, she didn’t grow up on a farm; she married into a dairy farming family. She and her husband have 100 cows on 300 acres. Not only does she work on the farm, she has a full-time job as well. She started blogging 2 years ago; on her blog she discusses very interesting and controversial agricultural topics. She also posts educational pictures and stories to inform those who are not involved in agriculture. I asked Carrie about her writing style and what her suggestions were to those who blog. She told us to never write anything unpolished, show your personality, and be creative. Carrie also explained how important it was to reach out to people and tell our agriculture story. This is a way to help those who are not involved in agriculture understand how different parts of the industry work. Social media is a great, easy tool to use to share our story.

My favorite post of Carrie’s is “I never wanted to be a Wife”. I found it to be relatable and empowering. Some of her most recent popular posts involve Panera Bread, Chipotle, and even a little Ryan Gosling controversy.

For those of you who are not familiar with Carrie you can find her on Facebook as Dairy Carrie or visit her blog at


Deer Season 2013

Opening weekend for Missouri’s firearm deer season is just a few days away. The season begins this Saturday November 16 and lasts through Tuesday November 26. It looks like the weather may cause hunter’s a problem; forecasts are predicting rain and warm temperatures all across Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas throughout the weekend.

Here are a few regulations for those of you who are not familiar with deer hunting.

  • The shooting hours are from one-half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset.
  • Each hunter may take only one antlered deer during the firearms deer season.
  • All hunters may purchase any number of permits to take antlerless deer, but some county restrictions apply.
  • All hunters are required to wear orange (a hat and also a shirt, vest, or coat) so the color is clearly visible from all sides.
  • The use of bait while hunting is illegal. This includes grain or other feed placed or scattered to attract deer.
  • An area is considered baited for 10 days after complete removal of the bait.
  • It is legal to hunt over a harvested crop field, but it is not legal to add grain or other crops, such as apples or oats, to the field after it has been harvested.
  • All harvested deer must be labeled with the taker’s full name, address, Telecheck confirmation number, as well as the date taken.
  • All hunters born on or after Jan. 1, 1967, must complete an approved hunter-education program and display their card before they can purchase a firearms deer hunting permit.

You can view more deer hunting rules and regulations on Missouri Department of Conservation’s website at If you are not from Missouri, please visit your state’s Department of Conservation website.

I recently got a new app on my iPhone called Hunt Predictor. This app lets you plot your hunting locations to get location based weather and prediction data. Hunt Predictor shows you a detailed weather forecast, best moon/sun times, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, and much more helpful information. This app can not only be used for deer but turkey and waterfowl as well. Hunt Predictor is a very neat tool to use- I recommend you all to download it and check it out.

photo (3)    photo (4)

Good luck to all of the hunters this deer season and remember to be safe!