Why I Farm


Image from whyifarm.com

Do you ever get so caught up in life that you forget to appreciate your blessings and surroundings? Just like most of you, I have several stressful and busy days trying to juggle school, work, and extra-curricular activities. During my study break yesterday, as I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, I found a video that resonated with how I was feeling. The video was posted on a Facebook page called Why I Farm, which was then shared by one of my friends.  Beck’s Hybrids is sponsoring a video contest to honor farmers and their story. They encourage everyone to make a video telling their personal story on why they farm. As I watched the first video my emotions began to intensify because it automatically hit home for me. To put it simply, farming and agriculture is my passion and life. It has been in my blood since the day I was born. To carry on the traditions and values my parents and grandparents have developed is a privilege and blessing and then to hopefully pass them on to generations to come. There are many characteristics you develop when you are raised on a farm. Work ethics, responsibility, and respect are just a few to mention. Knowing it not only benefits you and your family, but others as well is the most rewarding aspect. When you are involved in agriculture, you are connected with it every day. You are not only a part of your family farm, but the worldwide agriculture family as well. For me, personally, it is what drives me to get out of bed each morning. It is the accomplished feeling you get when you put a full, hard day of work in. You are able to see life grow, transform, and develop right before your eyes. Watching the crops grow from planting to harvest or seeing a newborn calf take its first steps is both physically and mentally rewarding. There are both good years and bad years, with many challenges and rewards in between. You are not able to call in sick or take holidays off, but the most beneficial part is being able to work side by side with your family every day. Sometimes we have to have reminders to thank God for the gift and ability he has given us to do. Tell your story and help tell agriculture’s story. To view the Why I Farm videos please visit whyifarm.com and remember to vote for your favorite.


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